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  • What’s in a name? Why we call it Maturity Mapping
    This post was first published on Medium, 18/02/2020 Since publishing the introductory Maturity Mapping post, the idea of maturity, how we articulate it on the x axis and the fact that we call it that has been something we’ve wrestled with. In this post we’ll outline our current thoughts on why we’ve called the practice Maturity Mapping…
  • Why Mapping Maturity?
    During a discussion of an early incarnation of Maturity Mapping in 2018, Jabe Bloom put these three stickies on a wall. They symbolise in a nutshell why we’re pursuing a better understanding of practice theory by exploring how to map (social) practices.  Jabe introduced Chris McDermott and me to Social Practice Theory (SPT) a little…
  • Mapping Alignment
    This article was first published by Chris McDermott on Medium 9th February 2020 Ensuring everyone is aligned to strategic objectives is one of those tricky activities that require a series of interconnected practices, all telling the story to different audiences who have differing needs for understanding. The story has to be as coherent to executives…