Wardley on Attribution

Simon Wardley  @swardley From Twitter 7th December 2018 X : How do we attribute you? Me : I’m not fussed. I don’t care about attribution. It’s nice if …
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social practice

Mapping meaning

This article was first published by Chris McDermott on Medium, 14th February 2019 When running Maturity Mapping sessions with teams and in workshops I ask teams to map the practices …
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Mapping Alignment

his article was first published by Chris McDermott on Medium 9th February 2020 Ensuring everyone is aligned to strategic objectives is one of those tricky activities that require a …
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post it notes

Why Mapping Maturity?

During a discussion of an early incarnation of Maturity Mapping in 2018, Jabe Bloom put these three stickies on a wall. They symbolise in a nutshell why we’re pursuing …
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