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  • Mapping Maturity: create context-specific maturity models with Wardley Maps informed by Cynefin
    When organisations and teams are looking to understand how good they are and where they should look to improve they often reach for the latest maturity model. The use of maturity models to perform assessments is also an approach adopted by consultants. Whether that’s a health check or a 4 stage stepped model there are … Read more
  • Wardley on Attribution
    Simon Wardley  @swardley From Twitter 7th December 2018 X : How do we attribute you? Me : I’m not fussed. I don’t care about attribution. It’s nice if people occasionally mention it. … I’m only fussed about keeping mapping open for everyone, to include as many people as possible. Think of it like “pay it … Read more
  • Mapping meaning
    This article was first published by Chris McDermott on Medium, 14th February 2019 When running Maturity Mapping sessions with teams and in workshops I ask teams to map the practices they use. What I started to see appear on maps were activities that I didn’t recognise as practices, a number of times “Feedback Loops’ appeared. This didn’t, and still … Read more